Drive now

text later

This app uses permission to collect certain information that would be used solely for the function of the app.

The app collects device-specific information such as phone number in order to reply to a received SMS text while driving.

To reply to an SMS, it also accesses the message related information such as the sender phone number and message body.

In addition, the app accesses the cellular network information as well as the GPS device in order to obtain the location of the device. This is to determine if the user is driving and at what speed. Also, the app access the device information to control the volume and set it to ON/OFF depending on the state of the driving.

None of this mentioned information is shared with a 3rd party nor is stored on unintended devices, machines or servers/network.

By downloading, installing and/or using this app, you agree to this privacy policy and that TechIdea4You Inc. holds no liability for the usage of the information.