Distracted driving,  no more

Drive now

text later

How it works:

It is a worry-free app. Turn it On once, it remains always on, unless you manually switch it Off . It uses its intelligence, your location and mathematical theories to detect whether you are driving or not. This innovative app automatically turns your phone into silent mode when you are driving, seconds after your speed exceeds 25 km/h. The App will automatically reply to Incoming texts/calls by a default message notifying senders you are driving (Auto reply text is user customizable). This app actually WORKS. It has been tested in both city and Highway driving. It utilizes both GPS and Network location mode (whichever is available). When the vehicle stops for 2 minutes, the silent mode becomes deactivated. The App will  show number of texts and calls received while driving. Incoming phone calls will still be displayed on car screen and can be accessed via hands-free in cars equipped with hands-free function.